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The idea is simple, create an account, provide some of your stuff to share and network with other designers.

The site is very cool and provides a ton a resources for designers new and old.

And a new cluster of theme designers has gravitated around a single concept to suggest how easy their themes are: “Drag & Drop.” Some have been doing this drag & drop thing for a while (i Themes, Headway & Pagelines), while others stepped into the space more recently (Press Works & Ultimatum).Some theme designers have gone as far as to create plugins to do the work (Elegant Themes with their plugin Layout Builder).When looking at the General Social Survey one of the most striking things is how much more the more educated and intelligent are in terms of accepting unpopular views.Since 2008 and the SPKMSLM variable has asked about anti-American hatred preached by Muslim clerics in the United States: …After the break I will walk you h.264 and what to expect if you are posting videos to your church website.

After nearly a decade of rumors Apple finally unveiled the much hyped Apple Tablet, the i Pad. After the break I outline few a reasons why this device will help you.

Pantry’s are used on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

An organized pantry is a must if you are a busy parent on a tight schedule.

We don’t have time to be rummaging through things to get to what we actually need.

Having an organized pantry also helps with lowering the cost on your grocery bill because, you are not buying items that you don’t need.

Since the promise of these themes is that regular non-developers can use these themes without coding, I would submit that the price tag for each of these themes is worth it (assuming it can deliver on its promise).