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Your face is illuminated by a computer screen, your body is swathed in sweatpants, and you aren't gazing so much as glaring while you fiendishly prowl Google and Facebook for every possible shred of information you can find about the man you might meet for coffee.

Pre-dating also saves time, says Jessica Bennett, 31, executive editor at Tumblr.

C., museum, didn't do that when she discarded a date because of a detail she learned about him online.

Hey, let's not turn this into some catchy (yet disgusting) Robin Thicke song!

You don't have to be single while trying to pick up girls at Whole Foods, but you should be.

You're not sure what a ripe cantaloupe looks like, so you ask the cute girl to your left.

Break It Down At The Beer Cooler: "Oh, I love that Founder's Pale Ale.Over the last few years, Whole Foods has been on a mission of rapid-fire growth. As recently as 1991, it had barely a dozen stores in three states.Today it has the clout of a nationwide chain: 43 stores in ten states from California to New England, revenues of 0 million, net profits double the industry average, publicly traded shares, a goal of 100 stores and billion-dollar revenues by the end of the decade. The Whole Foods culture is insistently counter-cultural, its values rooted in the funky corner health-food store in Austin, Texas where everything began. Snagajob has great opportunities with the area's leading companies.And applying for Wellesley jobs has never been easier.If you're looking for a Whole Foods Markets locations in your area, this list can help you find a store near you.