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Two heavyweights from different disciplines coming together in friendship is one thing.

But the respect these two men had for each other is something so erudite and unexpected, it can give you chills.

I got asked to come down by another friend and record in North Carolina with him.

It was a beautiful record, and she was really into it, and [my friend] said, “Hey, I can invite Billy Don down to the session. ” I said, “Yeah, my wife would love to meet him.” We were doing something together, and I had this idea of doing something in that room.It hit me, and then I thought, me and Jon Hensley — Col.Ask Jessi Colter about the first time she ever saw Waylon Jennings, and she remembers well. ' We did a song together called 'Living Proof' that never came out. In his 1996 autobiography, Jennings remembers as Colter was leaving the studio, she turned around and looked at him, "I did look back, but it wasn't anything seductive or anything like that," she says adding that "We didn't see each other again for about two years. That's when things started." The two married in October 1969, and enjoyed one of the strongest marriages in country music history until Jennings' death in February 2002. I had some songs done by Chet Atkins at RCA, and Duane said 'Why don't do a demo for Waylon?To celebrate the release of the next-to-last installment of clips from Shooter Jennings' 'The Other Life' film and the music inspired by it, the singer has teamed up with us to give away a limited edition Gunslinger Box.

Read More The music video for Shooter Jennings' new single 'Wild and Lonesome' continues along the dark and mysterious path taken by the feature film inspired by his latest album.

Read More Fans of early albums from Shooter Jennings will appreciate the singer's return to center on 'The Other Life,' his sixth studio album, available for purchase as of March 12.

Still far from mainstream, the collection of songs isn't quite as experimental as projects that followed 'Put the "O" Back in Country.' Read More Country rocker Shooter Jennings has big plans ahead -- both musically and visually.

I don't know if it was a period where he was unsure of what he was going to do next, but it was very special. Robby asked Waylon if he just wanted to put down demos or leave the tracks open.

He said, let's put it to 24-track, so it can be finished." The album is a very eclectic mixture of sounds - almost as diverse as the crowd that followed him, Colter says.

Colter was in Nashville recently to talk about "Goin' Down Rockin - Waylon Jennings: The Last Recordings," released this week on Saguaro Road.