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Their relationship began very stormy with Lennon susceptible to fits of jealousy and violence towards her but she was besotted with John, having sex with him wherever and whenever she could and after a 3 month split caused by a bout of jealous rage, she accepted him back into her life after he apologised profusely for his errors.

In 1962 when the Beatles were finally on the right track Cynthia dropped a bombshell on John "I'm pregnant" she said to him when they were alone.

She probably didn't ever think she was my girlfriend.

Years before the band's break-up, he had a reputation for grumpiness among the Abbey Road engineers, as if he resented the lack of respect the world always showed him.Indeed, he was never the world's greatest drummer, though his heavy, muffled style is instantly recognisable; but his relative lack of competitiveness, in a group bursting with ego, made him indispensable, the perfect foil and go-between.This stunned John into silence and one can only imagine the turmoil screaming through his head: would he have to give up the Beatles? They were finally onto something now with Brian Epstein as their manager.In those days, having a child and not being married was frowned upon, so on the 23rd of August 1962, Cynthia & John tied the knot at Mount Pleasant Registry office in Liverpool with George Harrison and Paul Mc Cartney in attendance and Brian Epstein as best man.And then I play drums and go, 'Oh, there's a verse. I'm playing with great musicians, singers, writers.

Oh, that sounds like a chorus.' And then I call writers in and say, 'Let's write something to that! So, I'm blessed I'm still doing it, really," he added."Thanks for coming over man and playing Great bass.I love you man peace and love," Starr captioned a photo of himself with his former Beatles bandmate. came out to play what a day I'm having peace and love," he added to a picture with Mc Cartney and Joe Walsh, his brother-in-law and former guitarist for the Eagles..The Beatles were four heterosexual males who had achieved superstar status in their early 20's.Women screamed their heads off and would do anything just to touch one of them, but they could only marry one.He said in an interview with Rolling Stone in July that he's "well into" the project, but told the magazine it might be "March" before it's finished.