Who is louise lombard dating

Similarly, in 2009 she appeared in the episodes os NCIS: Los Angeles where she played a role of a special agent who was incharge of the office of small projects in Los Angeles. Her net worth ha not been disclosed in public except her two house one in London and other in Hollywood Hills.

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There is of course love problems on top of those money ones, oh to be young in a changing world. The clothes are gorgeous, the characters are gorgeous and the storyline just grabs you in!

I have a love for historical fashion, and this film has added the 1920's to my favorite era list.

Louise Lombard born on 13th September 1970 in London is an English actress.

She is the fifth child among the seven children in her family.

Louise Maria Perkins was born as Louise Lombard on 13 September 1970 in Redbridge, London.

She belongs to the white ethnicity and holds British nationality.

Indeed, the 37-year-old emphasised her detachment from the hysteria that often surrounds her profession by taking time out at the peak of her celebrity to read English literature at Cambridge. But that's never interested me I find it quite easy to stay under the radar. Also, the residents of LA are very blas about famous people.

When Robert De Niro is walking on the other side of the street, I don't necessarily get mobbed!

After 1998 she started acting in movies such as Tale of the Mummy, Esther, Hidalgo.

Later on from 2004, she began acting on various television series such as CSI ( Crime Scene Investigation), Built to kill part 1 (2006), Living Doll (2006), Dead Doll (2007) etc.

She was quiet for a bit and then said, 'what's Hidalgo?