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Aaron Sorkin’s newest series, The Newsroom, debuted on HBO last night.Despite lofty expectations and a kickass trailer, critics were pretty unified that The Newsroom was a dud.

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Lara Perkins was introduced as Dana’s love interest in season 1.The two met at a Country club and started dating but split because of Dana’s fear of being outed, after she took her doubles partner with her to a sponsor event.In the third season, Dana is struggling with breast cancer then dies before the season ends, perhaps as a means for the actress to leave the show without suddenly disappearing like many other characters.Unfortunately, once she is gone, she is forgotten and the issue of cancer is not addressed again.Show: The L Word TV: Cable / Network: Showtime Character Status: Regular Endgame: Dead Orientation: Lesbian Show Status: Over Tropes: Bury Your Gays Introduced in: 2003-2004 / Final season: 2006-2007Appeared in seasons: 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007 Dana Fairbanks was a rising pro tennis player, introduced in season 1.

She was raised in a very conservative background and was a closeted lesbian.

She starts out as closeted, but begins to date Tonya, an obsessed fan, who uses Dana's sexuality as a promotional tool, forcing her out of the closet.

In the second season she dates her best friend, Alice, but later hooks back up with former girlfriend Lara (see the characters section on supporting characters), whom she dated before coming out.

After Palm Springs, Tonya tagged along back to West Hollywood and moved in with Dana, but didn’t like her cat, Mr. Dana also learned that the increasingly power-hungry Tonya had been taking 15% of her sponsorship income as a “manager’s fee.” As Dana tired of Tonya’s domineering behavior and realized she was little more than a gold-digging opportunist, she and Alice began flirting and then sleeping together, and she called the wedding off.

In the second season Dana started sleeping with Alice, her best friend, while she was still engaged to Tonya and they started dating after the wedding was cancelled.

The relationship seemed to be doing pretty well, until Lara reappeared on the scene and caused Alice to start feeling jealous, become extremely needy and clingy, slowly driving Dana away.