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They then headed up to Portland, Oregon to watch Seattle Sounders FC take on the Portland Timbers, in what was Harwick's first soccer game.Carey is a minority owner of the Sounders, so the couple were able to head down to the field for a panning selfie video that showed the enormous crowd.

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Add to this Drew’s ruthless English boss, Nigel Wick (Craig Ferguson), and his insatiable need to find new and more sadistic methods of firing employees and it’s clear: The Drew Carey Show is a lot like real life.

Drew Carey's 11-year-old son may be in big trouble.

This half-hour comedy depicts the life of a wannabe upwardly mobile guy whose looks, well, wouldn’t get him work modeling Speedos, but at least he’s got a brain and a steady supply of perspective and attitude from his lifelong pals, Oswald (Diedrich Bader), Lewis (Ryan Stiles) and Kate (Christa Miller).

On the other hand, Drew’s omnipresent office nemesis, the cosmetically challenged Mimi (Kathy Kinney) delights in spreading her own version of hell into both Drew’s private and professional lives.

Connor Carey is reportedly the young protester in a Fox News video of an inauguration rally where protesters were seen burning signs.

The 11-year-old, who identifies himself as Connor, told Fox News' Griff Jenkins he "kind of started this fire" because "I felt like it and because I'm just saying 'screw our president.'" TMZ reported the child in the video is Drew Carey's son.I went to my first soccer game this week when I saw the Sounders play the Timbers with @drewfromtv and it was so much fun.It just happened to be the biggest rivalry in American Soccer.The part of Steve is played on the series by John Carroll Lynch. He came to Cleveland and got a job in the cosmetics department at Winfred-Lauder.He fell in love with Mimi and after one season of dating they married in a ceremony in Drew's backyard, with Drew officiating along with an online minister from an Internet website.A rep for the TV star could not immediately verify Carey's son is the child in the video, but a picture of the comedian with his son on Carey's Instagram account appears to show the same child in the video.