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The penalties for actions, which you might find over the top, are taken very seriously by locals.Try to remember this is a conservative, communist country, where the excesses of western culture are not tolerated.As a rapidly developing and fast growing economy, Vietnam holds substantial potential for EU businesses.

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And it’s no surprise that people (even in modern countries) are impressed when you score with a Vietnamese chick.If you want to meet Vietnamese girls easily, check out my personal experience of their biggest online dating site.Coming from a country that has experienced numerous defensive wars throughout its long history, the Vietnamese people naturally bear in mind their national pride and gratitude to those who did a service to their country.In Vietnam, Tran Hung Dao is one of the most venerated heroes.If you’re already in Vietnam, then you only need to leave your hotel room.

If you’re not, then Vietnam Cupid is probably your best bet.

Vietnam enjoys trade preferences with the EU under the Generalised Scheme of Preferences.

A battle ground, that’s what dating Vietnamese girl is like.

The worship of ancestors, particularly the Hung Kings, Vietnam’s legendary founders, is prevalent across the country and is a major theme of many traditional festivals and in the arts.

In addition to safeguarding and fostering traditional values, Vietnam also embraces foreign cultures in a selective manner to influence its own unique culture.

Party with caution, and always make sure someone knows where you are and what you have taken.