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Now there is no need to attach the handlers to enable the events.

You can also use the On(Event) overrides without the handlers.

- Anonymous Chinese Proverb -----------------------------------If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Einstein It's a derived combobox in which I have code running in the validating event which calls a routine which checks the data which in turn changes the the colour of the combobox if the choice is incorrect.

To cancel this data validation event, we should input a valid editor value or cancel the data validation process.In the following example, we are going to demonstrate how to validating data for a Property Grid item using C# code.After that, you move to another control, for example, to a Command Button, a Text Box or any other.That means the first control where you entered the data lost the input focus, and the other control is about to receive the focus.I've been revisiting event handlers for my legacy project..

I came across something I'd never seen before on this C# event handler article published by Microsoft. Dot Net  ---------------------------------------Tell me and I forget. (Since you usually use a combobox so that you force the user to use the format you want this does not seem likely)Please give more details on exactly what you are trying to do. - Anonymous Chinese Proverb -----------------------------------If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Einstein If you just want to change the back color on focus or lost focus you can use the events below. Do you want it to turn a different color if it is not the correct format? Blue End Sub Private Sub Combo Box1_Lost Focus(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Wisej has a state map that is sent back from the client at the top of every event stream to ensure that the server is always in sync with the client, even if for whatever reason an event is missed. Cancel = true in a validating event (for a textbox for example), how can you make it so the form can be closed? I'm not a big fan of restricting a user's input order, so I stick to just showing errors and disabling Ok buttons. I mean, the Validating events were supposed to be there to solve the problem with the Lost Focus/Set Focus issue. Plus, I'm not trying to get it to work, I'm trying really to figure out if this is intended operation, and if so why.