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There are numerous how-tos on the web for installing a Debian chroot onto a smartphone running Android, but most of them either give you an image to install on your phone (which doesn't teach you anything) or have you set up the Debian system on your desktop and copy it to the phone.

Neither of these options appeals to me, so I've done it my own way and written this document to light the way for others, too.

However, Wi Fi Access Point should also work in Windows. Although firmwares have been updated I have retained older instructions if someone happens to use a Galaxy with older firmware.

Team Skyfire seems the perfect one for my i9100: it doesn’t hang, it does have much empty RAM, phone is ALWAYS faster, from unlocking screen to using 5-10 apps in the same time. All of them does have Deep Sleep (so when you turn off your screen and IF no app is configured to listen to push notification every second, like Facebook does, it put your CPU in an idle state which it does consume little to none battery), automatic back-light manage of your LCD screen and so on. To use Galaxy S with Linux and especially Ubuntu, you do NOT need to install anything.Update: Since this article is months old, I’ve made a new one you would probably find more interesting :) Do you remember that i wrote a post regarding the modding of Samsung’s Galaxy S2?That done, to avoid any issues, install the Omega ROM featured here.

As most of the stuff on this site, these are Linux specific instructions!The latest big news to hit SGS3 users is Ubuntu and Backtrack Linux beeing booted onto the device.Honestly, I don’t personally see the point of using Linux on an Android device, but if it’s Android and you’re a true geek, having the option and being actually able to pull it off, is a feat on its own.Needless to say your device needs to be rooted for this app to function properly.If you haven’t already done so, view our rooting guide for the Galaxy S III here. First, however, you will need to create a file system for Debian to live on.