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Interestingly, though, the 1-meter accuracy on the old one was the best I’d ever seen, the previous best having been 3 meters.It’s more often about 5 meters out and about in Kyoto, so in a practical sense, the new one will likely be more accurate in places I most-often use it, so I’m not disappointed or anything. I was looking at getting either the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx or the Garmin Etrex Vista Hcx.

Use "File-Import Map..." to add a map to QLandkarte. Now you should see your map listed in the lefthand tabview "Maps".Simply execute the uninstall command from the project's source root. To make open source mapping applications look the same, it shares the skin file format with Road Map (see In the "x" models, one must have a micro SD card to store maps.The Vista Cx came with a 64MB micro SD card, but the HCx does not come with a memory card..Smartphones and Tablets | USGlobal Sat | Bluetooth & Other | Garmin | Magellan Use i Hike GPS and i Sail GPS on your i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch.

Exchange Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks with Mac GPS Pro.Note: Mac GPS Pro does not transfer maps to any GPS receiver.GPS receivers use vector-based maps for display on their screens.Mac GPS Pro navigation software enables you to transfer and view real-time data with almost any GPS receiver provided it has standard NMEA output, and connects either through a serial port (requiring a Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter) or Bluetooth.i OS-only Bluetooth receivers such as the Garmin GLO are not supported.Mac GPS Pro connects your Mac to many older Garmin handheld and fixed-mount GPS receivers with displays for upload and download of waypoints with their icons, proximity waypoints, routes, tracks, satellite almanacs, and real-time (NMEA and PVT) data. One major difference between the Vista (H)C(x) with its electronic compass and the other color "Sensor" units by Garmin, is that the unit is held HORIZONTALLY for best reception -the only way the electronic compass can work. The Legends don't have an electronic compass, but are otherwise similar.