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” troupe, consider that I constantly hear from both gay and straight folks, who believe in their magical powers of gaydar and “just know” he is gay.

Although the charges are often used to deal with ISIS-linked militants, Kersmo's alleged offences are not thought to be related to Islamist activity, The Times reported today.

Kersmo moved to Britain with his wife in 2009 and was granted asylum.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed, or even denied, however that hasn’t stopped folks from already dismissing the rumor simply because they believe that Tyler Perry is gay.

Before folks get all self-righteous with the “why are we talking about this?

He was arrested at Heathrow Airport in January and will appear in court later today charged with attending a place used for terrorist training.

Scotland Yard said last night that Kersmo also faces eight counts of possession of articles containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

Perry’s been dealing with the question marks about his sexuality since he and Madea sashayed from the “chittlin circuit” some time ago.

The multitalented actor-director is expecting his first child with on-again, off-again girlfriend Gelila Bekele.

” I sucked my teeth, rolled my eyes and said, “No, he is marrying a woman. ”That basically sums up the reaction I hear over and over again after discussing this rumor about Tyler Perry’s alleged nuptials.

No one knows for sure where the rumor came from, although we can guess which usually-wrong gossip rag started it, but allegedly larger than life filmmaker has been shopping for rings for his long-term girlfriend Model Gelila Bekele.

From across the table, a group of friends pause from picking through the plate of hummus and pita bread and almost like a Baptist church choir, sang out, “To what?