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Stores are filled with athletic shoes designed to offer rebound and energy return — shoes that spring you forward when you're exercising.What was missing was a material that could do the opposite: actually absorb shock after a workout.Since 2009, the temperatures remain higher but stable.

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The size of the Vancouver location, 5000 square feet, allows it to keep in stock the entire Thule and Yakima product line.

Every bike rack and bike rack accessory is on display, along with every cargo box, car rack, watersport racks, and ski racks.

The following is a historic photo gallery of Coast Guard icebreakers, showing some of the differing types of vessels that have seen service with the Coast Guard icebreaking fleet.

We hope that you will enjoy this gallery of images of some of the largest ships that have ever served with the Coast Guard.

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Probably the Coast Guard's most famous cutter, the Bear was originally built by Alexander Stephen & Son in Scotland for sailing in northern waters as a whaler and sealer. Navy for the Greely Arctic rescue mission in 1884 and was turned over to the Revenue Cutter Service in 1885.

Although she was not a true icebreaker, her hull was reinforced for operations in light ice and is therefore a forebear of today's icebreakers. Here she served valiantly in Alaskan waters for over 40 years under the command of many famous captains, including the indomitable Michael Healy.

Microclimate and soil temperature/moisture monitoring at a Polar Desert and a Polar Semi-Desert site at Thule, Greenland reveals recent warming trends and distinct differences between these two sites.

Approximately 5 C of warming occurred at the Polar Desert site from 2004 to 2009, while the Polar Semi-desert site warmed only about 3.5 C.

A major, identifying difference between versions 1 and 2: at the moment where the chalice falls into the deep, version 1 has pianistic fireworks and a simpler "ossia".