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Nowadays, most of us use the internet via computers or mobile and tablet devices.

We like to e-mail, chat and have fun online as well as use it to buy and sell things and do our banking.

The problem is that hundreds of patches are released each month, many of which apply to OSes and applications residing in your organization's network.

However sometimes it just makes more sense to setup a new forest with the new version of Exchange, Share Point, etc. It takes a lot more work, but in the process I’m able to update all the servers to Windows Server 2008 R2 as well.Having all the servers on the same version of Windows saves me time on management. Let’s get back to Exchange and the problem at hand: DAG Failover with two Exchange 2010 Servers.OWA, which gives users full contact and calendar functionality, also provides access to voicemail, instant messages and SMS messages directly through an inbox.Outlook Web App was revamped for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1.Step 1: Develop an up-to-date inventory of all production systems, including OS types (and versions), IP addresses, physical location, custodian and function.

Commercial tools ranging from general network scanners to automated discovery products can expedite the process (see Resources, below). Step 2: Devise a plan for standardizing production systems to the same version of OS and application software.Generally, the latest versions of an operating system family (like Microsoft Windows) or browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc) is the most secure.Microsoft users can visit: which can automatically check what is required for both your operating system and browser and then download it at your request.But I can distill the process into six general steps.The importance of each stage of the patch process--and the amount of time and resources you should spend on it--will depend on your organization's infrastructure, requirements and overall security posture.January's SQL Slammer worm reminded us of the importance of patching vulnerabilities in computer software.