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Do your homework Don't just turn up on the night without having given it some thought and making a few notes first ..... Let me assure you, if everyone in the room asks 'What job do you do' there's going to be some very bored people there at the end of the night!

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Come Speed Dating in Hull and you will enjoy 12-15 dates with local people from the Kingston upon Hull area, all single and all looking to be in a successful relationship.

Slow Dating is well known for running successful events, with over 75% of our daters getting at least one match.

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal can serve as your friend, your confidante, and your guide.

Use it to think, explore, doodle, draw, dream, and act-whether you are reading in the quiet of your home or sharing with other seekers in a group setting.

Authored by Judith Ellison Shenouda Throughout this journal, you will meet new friends-Darren Dreamer, Mark Mystified, Danny Discovery, Betsy Benevolent, Rose Repertoire, Stacey Success, and others whose career success can inspire you as you evolve and transition to the next phase of your worklife.

Like them, you will create a success story that others can emulate. It’s a long journey to success and the way there has lessons to be learned if one truly wants to get there. People who have attained success are unlike the average Joe because they embrace many of the attributes others shy away from or just don’t want to invest the time in.Speed dating is when many women and men sit at tables.A woman and a man will sit at each table for a specified period of time.Kingston upon Hull is a unique place, yet as you know it is often difficult to find that right person.