Sophos updating policy secondary server

I had the same issue as Paul88 because I was not smart enough to change the settings in my browser lol.

sophos updating policy secondary server-3

CMD after finish : del "C:\Program Files\Kerio\Mail Server\sophos\*.php" (Kerio Connect C:\Program Files\Kerio\Mail Server\Sophos , C:\Program Files\Kerio\Mail Server\Sophos , , . [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) Sophos_plugin: Downloading mirror structure...

task Task Scheduler Sophos ( Task Scheduler Auto download when program start and close) Sophos Mirror Start every (H) Kerio Control Kerio Connect Sophos web- Kerio Connect [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) Sophos_plugin: Checking for Sophos antivirus update on Go Gs...

Below is a sample representation of the topology to be used for this tutorial.

To set up this topology, this tutorial will make use of two Profit Bricks Virtual Data Centers (VDCs).

XXX gogs.C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts, XXX.

[29/Oct/2014 ][4428] progress event: U 1 [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] progress event: U 0 [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] Last message repeated 5 times [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) Sophos_plugin: Listing file c:\kerio\mailserver\sophos14-10-29-11-11-31\bundle\new is empty [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) Sophos_plugin: Database files cannot be downloaded now [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) ERR: Cannot load listing file. [29/Oct/2014 ][2636] progress event: M Antivirus update failed: Cannot load listing file.

I then went to #3 in hollowface's Tutorial( ) as he said to do, and ran: [email protected] ~ $ sudo /opt/sophos-av/bin/savdstatus [sudo] password for chris: Sophos Anti-Virus is active and on-access scanning is running [email protected] ~ $ Don't really know what on-acess scanning is yet.

I also have App Armor & ESET for Linux Desktop 4, evidently they play well together, so I don't see why Sophos wouldn't.

The server information is built into the client software, so no manual configuration is required.

After Sophos is installed, it contacts our campus Sophos server to receive the correct settings to download threat definitions and other settings.

The second VDC should look identical except that we will use a different internal IP space (subnet) to avoid unnecessary NAT rules.