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Firmware is updated periodically to provide additional functionality or fix bugs.

Please note that it will work only with US Short Date Format, to read more about it, go here. Update 4: Software Informer was kind enough to feature MSE Update Utility. This page should help you get your new system up to spec, or return a device to its default/factory state for a "clean slate." If your kit is newer than June 2012, use this driver.The VEXnet v3.0 and newer firmware allows your PC to communicate using a new Serial Link with VEXnet products.A good example is the addition of Night Shift in mac OS 10.12.4, which uses a blue light filter in a bid to improve sleep quality.

Apple also releases updates specific to bits of hardware like your Mac Book trackpad, or changes to the recovery partition.DO NOT LEAVE the computer in SLEEP MODE, DO NOT STOP the procedure and DO NOT POWER OFF the monitor whilst performing the firmware update, otherwise permanent damage may occur to the monitor and it will have to be sent back to a service centre for repair.VEXnet devices contain internal processors and run on special software called Firmware (or Master Code).Apple frequently patches security holes that can leave your Mac vulnerable to attack.At the same time it improves general system stability and sometimes add’s new features.You’re probably aware of the problems that outdated software can pose.