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Again I am unsure if every single on is true I will try to keep the only true facts on here. (I am not trying to start rumours or troll in anyway on this thread)1. Stacy Keibler turned down a women's title run because there more deserving women (Respect)3. Luna Vachon vs Sable feud was based of there real life situation because Sable would not learn bumps which resolved in a fight which resolved Luna being Fired7. Layla vs Nikki Bella vs Brie Was the shortest divas match ever10. Lita once botched a moon-sault which resolved her kneeing someone in the stomach she then cried backstage backstage about it because she felt bad14. Maryse was supposed to have a lesbian gimmick but it was cancelled due to PG era (Homophobic? Sable also tried to sue for sexual harassment after her first run.Kristal Marshall was fired for refusing to do a storyline which would make her look like a S! Lita & Chyna were supposed to feud but Chyna was fired so it never happened5. Nicole Bass tried to sue WWE for money and tried to say someone backstage sexually harassed her8. Paige & Gail Kim are the only divas to win a title in their debut matches11. She was stripped of the Women's title on-screen because of the dispute and she was so disliked backstage to the point where X-Pac put feces in her bag on her last day in '99.29.

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Then, straight from the horse’s mouth — the real story about her release and the clashes with WWE Superstar, Batista. By reposting elsewhere or transcribing the contents of this interview, you agree to provide the appropriate credit i.e. Check back tomorrow for part two of the interview when Shelly dishes on the final blow-out with Batista that led to her release, her time in TNA and much more.

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The main focus of part one however, is dedicated to Shelly’s WWE career.

Shelly talks about her relationships with Melina, Beth Phoenix, Aarol “The Idol” Stevens, working in OVW, playing Paul Burchill’s pirate wench and the evolution of the Ariel character on ECW.

Presumably this is WWE staff members rather than wrestlers, and not all of the addresses are necessarily genuine.

Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez (Salinas in TNA) and TNA Knockout Raisha Saeed (Cheerleader Melissa on the Indys) are both involved with a worked MMA promotion called the Lingerie Fighting Championships.The interview, which likely spans three hours when the bonus features are accounted for, is lengthy enough to require two discs, leaving customers with a feeling of getting a good “bang for one’s buck”.As an extra bonus, Diva Dirt audio contributor Amber Gertner (Untitled Allison Danger Show) delivers as host, utilizing a conversational and friendly approach that comes off as more of a conversation between friends rather than the traditional hotseat interrogation approach.After a whirlwind three years in the world’s top two wrestling companies, Shelly sits down with Shelly discusses how marijuana has helped her and aims to educate fans on the positive uses it can have.She also touches upon a recent You Tube exchange with wrestler-turned-Internet personality, Damien Demento.This thread was allowed to continue thanks to Joker FC if any content is inappropriate or homophobic I will report them and Joker FC will try to keep the thread clean!! Mickie James got heat at WM22 after doing the V lick at Trish Vince Yelled at her due to it could be offensive and was edited out of the DVD17. WM21 was supposed to be Trish vs Lita but due to Litas injury Christy replaced21. Kaitlyn winning the battle royal in 2012 for a shot at Layla's belt was a botch25.