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As expected, Anthony totally fell for it and flipped out.

Eventually, Lizette had to let Anthony in on the joke.

Her transgression: being caught leaving a young man's apartment several days earlier.

Thousands in Japan watched the just-buzzed Minami deliver her tearful apology, and on Twitter the video promptly took up five trending-topic spaces.

It's just too easy."And back at the mixer, Diversity's Perri Kiely might have been struggling to chat up the ladies, but Bear was still being a bit too open: "I'm getting a semi talking to you."As the brilliant narrator Rob Beckett put it: "F**k me, it's like channel hopping between Babestation and CBeebies."Ah, Sadly, we have to make the most of Bear while we have him as he was booted off E4's reality show and even banned from attending the launch party."After a longer discussion with Stephen, Nadia and I have agreed that we can no longer support him in his search for love," explained matchmaker Eden Blackman."It has been clear over the past week that despite some promising and fun early dates, his attentions are now elsewhere so it's time to call it a day.

I was reading a piece by Malcolm Gladwell on why during the interview process so many employers went after the same applicants, and found a one particular revelation fascinating.

Seweid said that since her phone was dying she wasn’t able to call her family after the incident until she managed to find a charging station.

The following day she went to the police station to comb through surveillance footage in order to identify the mysterious Trump attackers.But Bear might want to improve his chat-up lines."Oh my God. I have zero tolerance for this kind of disgusting behaviour," threatened Nadia.Bear had already annoyed Nadia earlier by saying his pulling technique was literally just a flick of the wrist. "Next thing you know, we're in hotel rooms kissing.Idols are perceived to be more "accessible" than other pop stars, and groups like AKB48 emphasize that they are "idols you can meet," regularly hosting handshake events.Lizette Galvan, a 17-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, is about to become your new hero.The lesson here, of course, is that first impressions are crucial.