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The osprey pair returned again in April 2014, laying two eggs.

The SWITCH webcam is located 506.5 metres above sea level or, to be more precise, on the roof of the CHN block at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH).

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Thus, our wellness depends on people covering their noses and mouths then washing their hands after sneezing or coughing.

However, preventing the spread of respiratory secretions is insufficient to protect against STDs.

By fall 2012, two eggs hatched and the young ospreys were ready for flight.

The birds returned to the CLC platform the next spring, but the late ice out and cold spring deterred them from nesting that year.

It’s all thanks to a partnership between Central Lakes College’s Natural Resources Program, Crow Wing Power, Consolidated Telephone Company, People’s Security and Brainerd Public Utilities.

Thank you to all who submitted suggested names in the Crow Wing Power Osprey Naming Contest.

The Syracuse Post-Standard ( OLo N ) reports that police say the teen went into the house carrying a backpack after he asked another teen if he could use the bathroom.

The homeowner wasn't home at the time, and realized later that her sex toys were gone.

Since viral hepatitis is contagious and has the potential of being an STD, many people are unsure if any viral hepatitis strains can be transmitted through oral sex.

Illnesses like the common cold and flu are primarily spread through respiratory secretions.

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