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The condition ( limping ) seems to improving, so could the be a temporary issue. she generally stands on her hind legs, and the limping doesn't stop her from doing that.3.Already Tried: we started giving here dog-food with joint mobility supplements, gave here a softer bed delay between your follow ups and my replies as I type out a thorough reply for you.1- Did the limping come on quickly? she doesn't yelp or whimper ( in other words she doesn't seem to be in pain )4.Pet owners need to have some basic knowledge about these drugs in order to effectively manage anxiety and nervousness in their pets.

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This series of articles will discuss the most common causes of nasal discharge, how we diagnose what is wrong with your pet and the treatment options.

In this article we will list the most common causes of discharge in dogs and cats and then each fortnight, one of them will be discussed in depth.

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[ad name=”Belgian Malinois”] [ad name=”Tweet”] Pets with runny noses are a common problem.

In many cases, the problem clears up with a simple course of antibiotic, but often, as the antibiotics wear off the nasal discharge simply recurs.

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Differentiating which condition is affecting your pet relies on a series of simple steps to come to a diagnosis.

The Herpes virus destroys the protective epithelium/lining inside the nose which allows any bacteria to grow on the exposed nasal passages.

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