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You get dressed up to go out to the same places with the same person, and you seemingly end up reliving the same date ... You would think that after dating each other for so long, you would be pros at romance!But the truth is, relationships take work and sometimes, you just need to get a little creative.So here are five different dates that will rekindle the romance in your long-term relationship.

Check local dance studios or even a YMCA for lessons.If you have two left feet, however, or tend to step on your partner’s, you might go watch other couples tango, waltz or fox-trot instead. Rub someone the right way Arrange for a couples massage at home, and “Date Night Reimagined” can mean not even going out.If your partner is the type who likes surprises, feel free to spring them on him or her; if not, it may be wise to announce them in advance. Take time to tango Whether you’re learning it, doing it or watching it, the tango is a sexy dance.Think about it: Your bodies are erect and close, your legs intertwined — and skirts may be slit to the thigh.Spend the day with your date at a flea market or antique store, and see what kinds of unique and funny items you can find.

It’s a great way to learn something new about your spouse: You’ll never know what stories they may have about an old antique or toy from their parents’ childhood. On our fourth date, I stabbed my husband in the heart. David retreated off the mat, chuckling in disbelief, and we laughed all the way home. Whether you've been married one year or thirty, these ideas for reinventing your marriage can help you out of your routine rut!Tackle a DIY project Many of us have big plans for DIY projects but we never get around to them.With your spouse, pick one you’ve been meaning to do, gather supplies and get to work!En español | If your idea of a date night has devolved to dinner and a movie, your relationship may need a shot of adrenaline.