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While most people who frequent online chatrooms are good people, there are some who are there to prey on or bully other people.

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He states that his mood has been more depressed and he is anxious about his compulsion being revealed. George: George is a 49 year old married man with a two year old boy.In the case, defendant Lundy participated in communications on the Internet with someone he believed was a minor girl, age 15, using the name “Madison Scruggs”.He did not know that an undercover officer, Deputy Sheriff Joseph Giroux, had assumed the identity of the minor.Mr Copley said Plumridge then began asking the girl if she masturbated, before giving her a series of instructions on how to do it.The conversation was recorded by police using an encoding program and the laptop used in the internet chat was found in a search of Plumridge's engineering firm.The court heard Plumridge, using the pseudonym "Max Smith", initiated contact with the detective who was posing as 13-year-old "Erin Sinclair" under the user name "Erin Princess Baby" on a Yahoo chatroom in December 2005.