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Puertorriquenas get their beauty, their heart and their culo grande from their african ancestors and they know it. You cant make love with a shadow of a woman and thats all skinny is, a shadow of a fine woman.

I simply said help me to understand because I see alot of nice looking PR but they're mate is not so cute, or real big.

Don't you ever, ever, call me a dumb one until you understand my damn question. I myself is dating a PR and he wouldn't have no other way. They judge each other too much, over stupid shiiiii like clothes and makeup and shoes and looks.

I love all kinds of races, but if I look nice then I prefer to have a nice mate!! And by the way willie, I'm small frame with meat on my bones!! Also willie, I didn't say dating black women was strange, because it's very natural. Sista, I dont care who you date and I dont do the thick mujer. I'm about the truth and sista you have no truth, dumb one....... 1st of all you are the dumb one b/c when you see a girl the 1st thing you check out is her looks.

The left is the "new image" from a couple of nights ago while the middle one is the "reference" image taken a couple of years ago, the right image is the difference between "new" and "reference." The researchers said there is clearly an exploding star in the outskirts of the galaxy.

Online volunteers, including a woman from Belgium and a Scottish man, have helped astronomers at The Australian National University (ANU) find a star that exploded 970 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs' time on Earth.ANU has invited everyone with an interest in astronomy to join the University's search for exploding stars called supernovae, which scientists can use to measure the Universe and acceleration of its growth.Co-lead researcher Dr Brad Tucker said his team was able to confirm a previously unknown object was a real exploding star in just a day, thanks to the efficiency and dedication of volunteer supernovae hunters -- more than 700 of them.Most importantly, how do you grab their attention and keep their interest? It’s the one advantage the PR dating game has over the real-world dating game. Now that you have a good feel for the reporter, it’s time to reach out. You’ve done enough research to a) cater the content to an angle that would interest the reporter and b) structure your pitch with a style to which the reporter will be most receptive. Relationships are constantly in motion – you must work to keep it up. Did a reporter recently cover a story from your pitch? We Can Make This Work The dating game is full of twists, turns, ups, and downs.In the end, give it your best shot and remember – the PR dating game isn’t much different than that of the real world."The supernova is about 970 million light years away, meaning that it exploded before the dinosaurs were even on the Earth," said Dr Tucker from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA).