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I approach the subject knowing full well that, as a newly engaged young woman said to me just last month, “There is certainly a lot of advice out there!

Regarding politics, patronage, advice on beginning his administration (including a December 23, 1875 letter from Henry Sibley); current issues, and a few requests for various types of assistance.

All this information together, it's almost as good as Starbucks announcing the return of the Pumpkin Spice latte.

I am delighted to be with you the day after Valentine’s Day and the day before Sister Holland’s birthday. And everybody remembers what Brutus did to Julius Caesar on the ides of March—and it befell Mark Antony to get back at Brutus in the great funeral oration, the same Mark Antony who let Cleopatra take him for the proverbial trip up the Nile without a paddle.

Includes an August 1, 1878 statement of accounts of James Whitehead, Leech Lake Indian agent.

Letters, memos, notes, receipts, and accounts regarding requests for and distribution of relief supplies to people affected by the 1877 grasshopper infestations.

Now, thanks to the popular Candy Hunting Instagram that spotlights new junk food, Pillsbury has blessed us with their new Confetti break and bake cookies.

The chocolate chip may be a classic, but there's something special about these colorful circles.Though Pillsbury has yet to make an official announcement about them, the food 'gram confirmed their existence at the Midwestern-based supermarket chain, Hy-Vee.Perhaps it's time the rainbow obsessed bakers ban together for a trip out to one of those stores?Let’s be real: a gluten-free diet might have tons of health benefits, but we’d need to be stricken by some limb-munching supervirus before we’d consider living a life without pizza. But hey, we’re happy about anything that brings instant pizza to as many people as possible. Luckily for gluten-intolerant folks with pizza-centric priorities, dough marketing giant Pillsbury has finally taken notice and released a line of gluten-free products. Alternative health movements are becoming so mainstream that the Pillsbury Doughboy is doing some gluten-free giggling in the refrigerated aisle. Yes, I am going to talk about love, because Shakespeare made me do it. If it were the fifteenth of March, it would be the ides of March.