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Web Protection, Mail Protection, and Game Mode are grayed out and disabled, because they're not available in the free edition.

And the firewall item just helps you configure Windows firewall.

Where Lenovo's other slim machines are soberly designed to ensure that they don't look out of place in an office, such as the Lenovo M92p, the Lenovo Idea Centre Q190 is far more like something you'd see next to a TV or in a more designer-like place of work.

Lately, I've been wanting to update the firmware on it.Every time I use the Sony Ericsson PC Companion or Update Service, though, to try to update the firmware, it just tells me I have the latest version. Are there steps a technically-savvy, but Android newbie could follow to update the firmware?This is of course assuming you want the device on show.If not, it's quite easy to use the supplied VESA mount to sneak it around the back of your screen and have it completely out of sight.Of course the Lenovo Idea Centre Q190 isn't the only small form factor PC to be available right now, with plenty of manufacturers producing machines that are surprisingly tiny.

Acer for instance has had its Revo line around for a long time, and has been honing its offerings for a variety of markets - including for use as a set-top box.

I'm willing to blow it all away if I have to, although I'd really prefer to not have to do that.

To me this looks much like Sony abandoned support for this device.

Where once the term 'desktop PC' conjured up images of a certain size and shape, these days the term doesn't necessarily relate to any particular form factor or use, as the Lenovo Idea Centre Q190 and its ilk emphasise.

Small desktop PCs have the advantage over laptops in their ability to connect to a large monitor or TV, with budget 24-inch, 1080p screens such as the AOC E2462VWH selling for only around £120/US0.

I can't quite remember what it was, but it was supposed to root the phone.