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Using the company’s free i OS app, available Thursday, women can schedule virtual appointments and video chat with the practitioner of their choice.

(Disclosure: Ryder has contributed articles to Here's how it works: App users enter information about their medical request or question, and are matched with a series of providers from an appropriate specialty.

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What if, instead of cooling your heels in the waiting room, you could get some face time with a doctor, or even a doula, lactation consultant, or nutritionist, using your smartphone?

That's the idea behind Maven, a digital clinic that connects patients and health care providers.

Users also have the option to create profiles, though those who want to remain anonymous can do so.

And thanks to the Internet, you can connect to one anytime, anywhere – whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of a road trip. Select a doctor, and he or she can answer questions, assess your condition and even provide a prescription* if needed. It’s the immediate service you need – and the honest, useful answers only a real doctor can offer. Your cough may be the result of a common cold, but if it continues for more than a few days with no signs of relief, you may want to see a doctor.Most aren't serious, but it’s important to check with a doctor and get the right treatment if needed.Allergy symptoms occur when the immune system reacts to a foreign substance (pollen, bee venom, pet dander, medication). See a doctor if symptoms increase, especially after starting new medication.Usually the result of a bacterial or viral infection, ear pain is caused by inflammation and fluid buildup in the middle ear.If symptoms last more than a day, speak with a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. While most adult fevers can be treated symptomatically, a sudden fever or very high temperature may indicate the need for medical advice.The coins for purchasing stickers can be either bought or earned in a totally honest vote. Here you will find easy-going sweet talking through web cam.