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"All of the peoples of antiquity made sweetmeats of honey before they had sugar: the Chinese, the Indians, the people of the Middle East, the Egyptians and then the Greeks and Romas used it coat fruits, flowers, and the seeds or stems of plants, to preserve them for use as an ingredient in the kind of confectionery still made in those countries today.

Confectioner and preserves featured in the most sumptuous of Athenian banquets, and were an ornament to Roman feasts at the time of the Satyricon, but it seems that after that the barbarian invasions Europe forgot them for a while, except at certain wealthy courts were Eastern products were eaten...

Perhaps the only over-arching generalization that can be made is that they all worked hard enough in high school to get into a liberal arts college consistently ranked by US News and World Report as one of the best in the nation.

For a one of a kind institution, Wellesley does not seem to be a magnet for only extreme types.

Rather, Wellesley is a place that allows for extreme circumstances.

The absence of males allows for the effects of gender politics to be felt acutely, but more importantly, it allows for the non-traditional development of its students.

Today's cough drops and peppermint sticks descend from this tradition.

As time and technology progressed, so did the art of confectionery. “I’m writing a story about how Wellesley girls...” “We’re not girls, we’re—” but she’s drowned out by blasting music and drunken hellos.Or maybe it’s a school of bookworms who would rather focus on academics than waste their time on guys. But Wellesley students are not all Rapunzels or Gertrude Steins.Wellesley College’s admissions office materials describe its students as having “many backgrounds and experiences” who are “serious, accomplished women who have a strong desire to grow personally.” In the sense that its student body is motivated and diverse, the glossy pamphlet is right.While Wellesley students are by no means average, they are, for the most part, normal.Jujubes, licorice and marshmallows are a prime examples of ancient medicine becoming modern candy.