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When the mountain blew up physically, it also blew away many false ideas about geology, ideas that were wrong, but had been believed for more than a century.

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Mount St Helens changed that, which is why I have been so interested in what happened.

The eruption demonstrated that geologic catastrophe can produce in hours and days geologic features previously believed to have taken millions of years.

Orthopyroxene retains the most argon, followed by hornblende, and finally, plagioclase.

The lava dome at Mount St Helens dates very much older than its true age because phenocryst minerals inherit argon from the magma.

By May 17, more than 10,000 earthquakes had shaken the volcano and the north flank had grown outward at least 450 feet to form a noticeable bulge.

Such dramatic deformation of the volcano was strong evidence that molten rock (magma) had risen high into the volcano.Phenocrysts of orthopyroxene, hornblende and plagioclase are interpreted to have occluded argon within their mineral structures deep in the magma chamber and to have retained this argon after emplacement and solidification of the dacite.The amount of argon occluded is probably a function of the argon pressure when mineral crystallization occurred at depth and/or the tightness of the mineral structure.Larger, longer lasting eruptions have occurred in the volcano's past and are likely to occur in the future.Although the volcano seems to have returned to a period of quiet, scientists closely monitor Mount St. As a result of the volcanic eruptions, thick deposits of fine laminate accumulated that were later eroded into large canyons. Helens provided evidence that catastrophic flood geology, such as those ongoing during the Biblical global flood, could instead be responsible. Helens was a series of small earthquakes that began on March 16 1980.Could other layered sedimentary rocks in Earth’s crust have formed rapidly? Sedimentary layers hundreds of feet thick formed within hours during the eruption itself, and then hardened into rock soon after the water drained from them. Could other layered sedimentary rocks in Earth’s crust have formed rapidly? And they (warmists) assert that they can accurately measure C02 within an ice core sample.