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, Effect of Acute & Chronic Stress on Sexual Arousal in Men, Stress& Burnout Associated with Health Care, Stress& Coronarieisn the Clergy, More on the Health Effects of Attitude, Job Stress Due to Computer Spying, The Health Effects of Bereavement, Stress and Health Risks of Modern Office Buildings, More on Job Stress and Heart Attacks, Why A Good Night’s Sleep Keeps You Healthy.

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[tabs] [tab title=”1998-89″] [toggle title=”1988″] The January 1988 Newsletter contains the following: Mental Attitude and Recovery from Accidents, Stress and AIDS, The Physician’s Role in Stress Prevention, Video Display Terminals and Job Stress, Hypnosis and Stress Reduction, Hypertension and Suppression of Anger, Hospital Job Stress Increases Malpractice Risk, Stress- Angina and Syndrom X, Emotions and Arthritis, Speech Characteristics and Hart Attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Smelling Food to Reduce Stress, Stress Worsens Diabetes in adolescents, Stress Hormone Secretion and Mood, The Hardy Personality and Hypertension, The Heart is More Than a Pump, Job Stress- Suppressed Anger and Hypertension.

The Feb 1988 Newsletter contains the following: Health Benefits of Being a Mother, The Health Effects of Divorce, Health Effects of Unemployment on Women, Does Lowering Blood Pressure Feed the Fountain of Youth, TMJ the New Stress Syndrome, Is the Brain or the Heart the Seat of Emotions, Is Type A Behavior Necessarily Harmful, Stress and Blindness, The Smell of Stress, Does Sense of Control Dictate Health, Stress and Type A Diabetes, Is Hypertension Transmissible by Marriage, Pessimism and Poor Immune System Function, Stress in Japan, How to De-stress your Home Life, Job Stress- Sex and Women, Cancer and Depression- A Fatal Link The March 1988 Newsletter contains the following: Stress Reducing Effects of Laughing, Computerized Stress Reduction, AIDS and Emotion, Stress Induced Ulcers in ICU Patients, Sympathetic Nervous System Activity in Hypertension, The Stress of Holiday Blues, Stress Reduction Effects of Confession, Support for Hassles As Predictor of Stress Related Illness, The Health Benefits of Caring for Living Things, Lobsters and the Power of Caring , Hypertension and the Holocaust , Anger and lllness, Stress Management and Treatment of Hypertension , Type A Behavior and Health in Children and Adolescents, Stress in Communication Workers, Stress- Farmers and Alcohol, Circadian Cardiovascular Rhythms, Is Black Hypertension Due to Stress The April 1988 Newsletter contains the following: Stress and Pseudohypertension, Job Stress and Workers Compensation Claims Escalating, Stress and Arthritis, Killer Whales and Stress, Denial and Dealing with Stress, Stress and Pill Popping, Stress and Good Grades, Is Stress Reduction Training Cost Effective, Aerobic Exercise, Stress and Hypertension, Mental Stress and Silent Ischemia, Caffeine- Stress and Blood Pressure, Should Type A behavior Be Changed or Treated, Does Stress Affect the Onset of Adult Diabetes, Psychological Predictors for Heart Disease, Psychological Stress Triggers Silent Ischemia, Stress Reduction Speeds recovery from Surgery, Psychosocial Stress Affects Surgical Results., Identifying Stress Buffers The July 1988 Newsletter contains the following: The Influence of Aerobic Exercise on Cardiovascular Responses to Psychological Stress, Religious Faith and Heart Attack Risk, Stress Reduction Effective for Low Back Pain, Effect of Relaxation Response on Pressure& Heart Rate, Stressful Workplace and Tension, How Long Does Type A Behavior Modification Last?

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