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It was all subtle at first—compliments too vaguely put to be called flirting, or looks that lingered long enough to be noticed, but not long enough to be inappropriate—but nevertheless charming, and she found herself developing an attraction for him.

There was some disappointment at first when Nina found out that Allan was married and had a daughter.

She was dating our boss whom is a married man already before she started working with us about seven years ago.

She got married to a nice guy in december last year because she dosent want to be his second wife, but they still cant get over themselves.

But she was just head over heels for him, and nothing anyone said would have mattered anyway.

At first, we all tried to be nice to him and to include him in our plans.

The way online dating sites work, he must have known that I knew he was on the site, but we did not discuss it. I found out that this former boss knows the recruiter leading the search and has been bad-mouthing me to the recruiter.

A few months after starting a job, I found out that my married boss also had an online dating profile — because he viewed my profile.

It was a little over five months ago that Nina interviewed for her first job; interviewing her for the position was Allan, who would become her boss a short time later.

Even then, she felt something between them, but she had no idea what this “something” would grow into.

Whether he was nudging you out because of your knowledge about his profile, or for reasons unrelated to his extramarital endeavors, your safest approach is to be neutral and non-accusatory.