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And now you can watch wildebeest migrating across the African plains (live! Thanks to the team behind Herd Tracker, who are live-streaming from the ground as vast herds of wildebeest (and hordes of gazelles and zebra) trek from the Serengeti to the fresh grazing grounds of Keyna's Maasai Mara.) in one of the world's most epic animal migrations ... The live streams, two 20-minute broadcasts each day, kicked off at the end of last month and will be running until October 5.

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I have also added the Brisbane Storm Chasers webcam page in NSW & QLD.

I will continue to update this page when I come across suitable webcams.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birdhouse Network - Nestbox Cams Photo cams updated about once a minute during nesting season, with archives of the best photos from past nesting seasons.

Species include Eastern Bluebird, Western Bluebird, Tree Swallow, American Kestrel, Barn Owl.

An all sky camera is an automated video surveillance device of the night sky in search of meteors to validate minor and major showers and to detect major fireball events.

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