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3,000 were needed for the first wave of recruits, but 2/3 of this first group were filled by volunteers.Some of these men took to social media to express their thoughts about what many called a sudden and random ‘lottery.’ The most disturbing thing was the very harsh and unforgiving public opinion of men who didn’t want to go to the army.At the start of the clip the dark coloured Saab can be seen travelling alongside the lorry and slowly overtaking.Road-signs on the left of the screen are seen indicating a speed limit of 50mph through the road-works, with the outer lane coned off and traffic using the hard-shoulder.The dramatic clip shows the HGV pull out to the right and straight into the side of the car, which takes emergency evasive action.

The lorry starts snaking wildly, threatening to go out of control, before the driver gets the situation under control.Charles’s mother, Mary (Valinski/Valinsky), was born in Pennsylvania, to Eastern European parents. It is not clear what the source of this claim is, or whether Charles himself stated so. Census – https://Possibly the marriage record of Charles’ parents – https://Given that his parents spoke Lithuanian, he must’ve had Lithuanian ancestry of some kind (I doubt his ancestors were Lithuanian-speaking ethnic Poles who seeked other Lithuanian-speaking ethnic Poles to marry). Charles’ parents’ surnames were not particularly Lithuanian, although it is possible that they were changed from more Lithuanian-sounding names. It was uncommon for working-class Eastern European Catholic immigrants of the time to have ethnic Russian ancestry, so it is not clear if Charles’ statement that he had Russian ancestry was accurate.The near-miss has caused debate online among viewers, with some arguing it was the car driver at fault for remaining alongside the HGV.Filmed by dashcam owner James Cooper, the incident happened near Nottingham on Tuesday last week.The pictures are accompanied by the models’ quotes.