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Entire businesses have been built around providing live chat, such as Olark (which my company uses) or Intercom.

As the CEO and founder of a Saa S business (Sendwithus.com), I had very little question about if we should support live chat; it was just a question of how to offer live chat to our customers.

Things were starting to look up, until I discovered an ultrasound scan report which showed my wife was further along in the pregnancy than she told me.

After a bitter, heated argument she confessed she conceived the baby with someone else while we were separated.

Since I moved out, my wife has been spreading malicious rumors that I abandoned her and "our baby." She's been hospitalized due to complications in her pregnancy and I got a lot of hate mails/calls from her family and friends for not showing up.

I don't want to get caught up in a dirty fight so I have been ignoring these.

Literotica (a portmanteau of Literature and Erotica) is a free erotic fiction website.

It allows any user to register as an author and submit stories and has over a million registered users as of April 2010 Literotica, a United States based web site, received 44% of its web traffic from the United States.

She said she thought she was acting for the best because she knew I would be happy about the pregnancy.

(One of the many reasons why we initially separated was because I wanted to start a family and she didn't.) To cut the long story short, I decided to get a divorce.

For the uninitiated, social engineering is a form of fraud computer hackers often employ to gain access to information or systems by manipulating employees at their target company.

An example of this is the 2013 credit card theft from retail mega chain Target.

I say we were lucky because our typical attitude to support is customer focused, always looking to go the extra mile for a customer.