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But, if money is desperately needed, parents need to be aware that there are different rules and tax implications for withdrawing college funds for non-college expenses from UTMA and UGMA Custodial Accounts, Section 529 Plan Accounts, and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.

UTMA and UGMA Withdrawal Rules UGMA and UTMA custodial accounts allow adults to make a financial gift to a minor, and also name someone (including themselves) as the custodian of the account.

Indicate which type of transfer you are requesting.

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Roth IRAs, on the other hand, offer after-tax saving, which is generally better when you expect your tax rate to be higher in retirement.

Traditional IRA contributions should appear on your taxes in one form or another.

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When finances become tight in a family, some parents begin to think about accessing money they put into college savings accounts to help make ends meet.

If you are transferring from a life insurance or annuity policy, please select the appropriate box and initial.

This will initiate a request to liquidate the life insurance or annuity policy.Direct Rollover: Transfer Agreement: All authorized TD Ameritrade account owner(s)/trustee(s) must sign in the space(s) provided.Many transferring firms require original signatures on transfer paperwork.To do a PARTIAL transfer, you must list specific assets and quantities in the spaces provided on the transfer form.Mutual fund company: CD, Life Insurance, or annuity: If you are transferring a Certificate of Deposit (CD), please indicate (with your initials) if you want to redeem your CD immediately or at maturity.The federal government created individual retirement accounts to incentivize saving money for your own retirement by offering tax breaks.