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MTV News recently caught up with Werkheiser, pictured below, to talk about his acting and music career and what his updated “Ned’s” declassified ~life~ survival guide would look like.

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That juvenile life they keep talking about is alluded to but never convincingly illustrated.Nickelodeon's "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" hit TV screens everywhere starting in 2004.I thought I wasn't his cup of tea because he kept blowing me out when I'd ask him out on a date. Adele is now a TV Presenter, personal trainer and a fitness model, and the happy couple appeared on a recent episode of Couples Come Dine With Me. Dawn and Dan (Series 2)When Air hostess Dawn Edwards signed up for the dating show she wasn't looking for a boyfriend.She continued: "I hadn't been in a serious relationship for five years before I got with Dave. But she was won over by retail-design manager Dan Nash's big heart and love for his family.When she clapped eyes on Dave Cobain coming down the love lift, Adele thought her mission had been accomplished. So later that episode, Adele kept her light for Ph D student Michael and got picked. In the months that followed we ended up meeting at parties and reunions. I just told him outright that I had feelings for him. He actually said he thought I was out of his league."It wasn't long before they got together and in June 2013 their son Freddie was born, the first Take Me Out baby.

She made it down to the final two women, but at the last minute, Dave picked fellow Welsh native Lucy Evans. She told the Mail Online: "We all got flown over to Fernando's but our dates didn't work out, and Dave and I ended up building up a great friendship. He made me chase him for quite a while, playing hard to get. In August 2014 they became the first Take Me Out couple to get hitched when they tied the knot in South Wales with Freddie as their page boy.Of course, Paige ultimately made the much smarter choice to leave the dangers of Rosewood behind her, but we're still holding out for a Paily reunion when forever! When they indulged in sexy moonlit make outs, next to the pool instead of Paige trying to drown Emily in the pool.Happy birthday, Lindsey Shaw, and thanks for all these beautiful memories!And by "Paily," we're of course referring to Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw), the couple that stole our hearts and nearly each others' lives on more than one occasion on the now-Freeform hit series.Since it's Lindsey Shaw's birthday today, we've decided it's also Official Paily Day. Safe to say certainly not, but when she and Paige made it work, it was never better.Most of the contestants are happy if they bag a date and a free trip to Tenerife aka the Isle of Fernando's.