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For example, if you decide to loan money to a friend, you may draw up the contract after you’ve already made the loan, in which case you’ll want to backdate the contract, making it so that the interest started accruing the day you loaned the money.

Likewise, if you haven’t made the loan yet, you may set the effective date to a future date, so that the interest only starts accruing when the actual loan has been made.

In other words, if you sign that loan agreement today and its effective date is a month from now, you are bound to the agreement starting today even though you will not begin acting on it for a month.

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The source for civil law is finely prescribed in a set of standard rules and regulations suitable for any subject matter. It may be termed as a collection of similar articles written in staccato style.The legislature’s enactment creates the law codes which covers all the former statutes pertaining to the subject including necessary changes amended by the court from time to time.There are casual relationships, but there are also strong relationships based upon love and trust between a man and a woman.Let us find out if there are any differences between friendship and relationship in this article.Civil vs Common Law Civil law has its features compiled and codified into a collection for ready reference. On the other hand common law has its rules and regulations administered by judges and vary on a case to case basis.

The basis premonition for civil law is allowing easy accessibility to all citizens to its code of conduct which is well written. This is the oldest legal framework in the world which is still existent in practice today.

Sometimes you will want the effective date to be different from the date of signing, either earlier (i.e., backdating) or later (i.e., predating).

Either is acceptable, provided that both you and the other party intended it.

As a human being, we make many acquaintances and friends and we get into many relationships by virtue of marriage, raising a family, and by simply falling into love.

We are social animals and cannot remain isolated from others.

Let’s take a look at the different possibilities, and what you need to know to understand the all-important “when” of an agreement.