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But does this rise in the number of women in higher education mean that universities are more equitable or equal for women and men?The growth in the number of in female undergraduates has resulted in more women entering academia, but it is yet not possible to discern a proportionate rise in the number of women in key leadership positions.

Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage asked Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) board to appoint an investigative committee, led by a retired female judge, to probe into allegations that officials in women's cricket administration demanded sexual bribes in return for places in the national team.The sex scandal had rocked Sri Lankan cricket after recent media reports claimed that women cricketers allegedly complained of demands from certain selectors to be "satisfied" if they wanted a spot in the team.Within the country, women and children are subjected to sex trafficking in brothels.Boys are more likely than girls to be forced into prostitution in coastal areas for child sex tourism.It was there that Victim No 1, or V01, met other children in the same straits: two young girls referred to in the UN report as “V02” and “V03,” and a young boy, “V08.” In August 2007, the UN received complaints of “suspicious interactions” between Sri Lankan soldiers and the Haitian children.

V02, who was 16 when the UN team interviewed her, told them she had sex with a Sri Lankan commander at least three times, describing him as overweight with a moustache and a gold ring.

It is therefore a potent illustration of the absence of women in key positions in our universities., former Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, the UGC once had a policy of assuring gender balance in university councils.

Current statistics therefore represent a regressive trend.

Instead, what we have is a situation similar to political representation in Sri Lanka where , only a handful of members are women.

These Standing Committees include heads of relevant institutions, Deans and Vice Chancellors.

The Haitian girl known Victim No 1 was 12 when she first had sex with a Sri Lankan peacekeeper. The boy, known as Victim No 9, was 15 when his ordeal began.