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De La Rosa also regularly trains in hip-hop, jazz, singing, and theatre.

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Since breaking off her engagement to Slade (her signifanctly older fiancè) and leaving the show, Jo moved back to LA, reconnected with her single self and followed her dream of recording an album.

Now, the former housewife is back with a new career, and an eye for love on her very own reality dating show, Date My Ex (which premieres Tuesday, July 21 on Bravo).

Her active social life had to suffer because of Slade’s wish to commit and settle down once more.

During the second season of the show, de la Rosa decided to move out of Coto and ended her romantic relationship with Slade Smiley.

#Team Mark And Jo Congratulations to Jo and Mark – let’s hope this wedding happens a lot sooner than Gretchen and Slade’s!

, in which she will look for a new love and try to break from Smiley once and for all.

This stroke of luck also aided Jo in finishing her studies, graduating from UC Irvine with a degree in English and Comparative Literature.

Starting a career in the title insurance industry was her path to meeting Slade Smiley.

She later focused on her music career as she left the show.

Peruvian-born, Los Angeles-raised Jo de la Rosa made a name for herself as the Material Girl on Bravo's hit show Real Housewives of Orange County.

There was a casting for it, and I just found this out, but I guess [the producers] were casting by telling people there was a new girl that was coming into the pop world and do you want to be set up on a date with her, that kind of a thing.