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The early production was earthenware and terracotta, but the Michael Andersen introduced a production og utensils and decorative items with high fired glazes. Bregnoe, Harald Isenstein, Carlo Rosberg, Sigward Bernadotte.

Some of the ceramicist who contributed to the factory's success were among others: Daniel Andersen, Fritz Sanders, Ernst Weber, Elly Dobreff, Ida Swartz Lehmann, von Erl, Hilde Dietrich, Hervig Schraml, Liselotte Majer, Max Riebe, Svend Nielsen, Vibeke Hansen og Marianne Starck. The company is now owned by ceramicist Solveig Ussing, who have reduced the manufactory to a well runned art pottery workshop.

Visitors can walk in an follow the work in the produ tradiition of Bornholm Art Pottery handicraft. 1922-2002) Born on Amager, trained at The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory under Knud Kyhn.

Worked most of his life from his own workshop and home in Raageleje, Northern Sealand.

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