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TIME Magazine mentioned it in a review of dating services, saying, "If you’re highly educated and seeking a highly educated partner, Right Stuff Dating ('The Ivy League of Dating') may be right for you." Competing niche sites targeting high intelligence or graduates of elite universities have either closed entirely, no longer work with current browsers, or are otherwise essentially moribund.These include docdates.com, fastcupid.com, intellectconnect.com, ivydate.com, mymitra.com, and

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The newest entrant into the feeding frenzy that is online dating is Ivy Date, a site that promises to match people from the eight Ivy League schools as well as Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics.

It does so under the pretense of connecting “exceptional singles.” While we at The Crimson applaud the intentions of the site, we have to ask: What exactly does it consider exceptional?

In the end, what is the purpose of marriage if not to secure our children a stronger, or even dual, legacy status?

And what do we give them if, when they apply to college, we can say: “You know your mother still knows some people over at Dartmouth! Ivy Date claims to cater to those “who value intellectual curiosity, love of learning, drive, and determination,” which is all fine and well for those who need to justify themselves with that sort of thing, but we don’t.

The only one who kept abusing Harley was the Joker. ;-)Well I think the other thing that we haven't been considering is how the couples are represented.

Though Harley/Ivy has been shown as an abusive couple a few times in certain comics and animated thingies (e.g: New Batman Adventures, Gotham Girls, etc.), for the most part, their overall representation has been of a happy couple whereas Harley/Joker has had very few showings without a certain smattering of abuse (to my knowledge, of course, so please correct me if I'm wrong).Ivy Date would do well, then, to separate the wheat from the chaff. If this is supposed to be an exclusive service, why was Cornell included? If we start letting in the riff-raff now, it won’t be long before we are on the same dating sites as students (we use the term loosely here) from such esteemed institutions as the University of Alabama.As all sensible Harvard undergrads know, what we look for most in a partner is pedigree.Unfortunately, Ivy Date fails to exclude enough people.With an acceptance rate that is rapidly approaching zero—or, as we like to think of it, “perfect exclusivity”—we simply shouldn’t have to deal with anything less than the choicest crop of the world’s finest institutions. News and World Report survey ranked this institution 15th on its list of top universities. If we let in number 15 now, what is stopping us from taking 151 later?Since we're talking superheroes here, how many non-white superheroes are there? So if you're a straight person, it can be difficult to notice that there is a severe lack of gay characters. Of course, the last thing I want is a gay character or couple shoe-horned into a comic or tv-show just to include a gay character or couple, but I do want someone like that to step out in a more natural way. There is already the sexual tension, and they are confirmed bi.