tim tebow interview dating Is jim cantore and alexandra steele dating

Do you think Alexandra was afraid that people would know about their relation?? We just hope she soon speaks about the rumor of her marriage.

According to some strong sources, Alexandra reportedly gave birth to a baby girl.

To add to that, Alexandra took a break from her profession after she got pregnant and returned to her work only in 2009.

CNN weather forecaster Alexandra Steele Source: nydailynews Now the rumors have that Alexandra is living in Atlanta with her husband and daughter.

Edit Alexandra Stella was born in the United States, in 1969, she started her career in Washington.

Metrologist Stella gave birth to a beautiful daughter, presently she is living happily with her daughter.

Well, still we chose to confide some information of Alexandra to her fans which seem to be true.

It is not known whether or not Alexandra is married to Jim Cantore.He works on the air for The Weather Channel and is one of the most respected members of staff on the channel.Jim used to work for TWC as an anchor for a famous TV series called Storm Stories, and his work was appreciated by everyone. He also used to work for the channel, NBC where he was responsible for all the weather segments during 2012 Summer Olympics.The Weather Channel reporter, Alexandra is suspected of being married and giving birth to a child.However, there is no authentic information about whether or not she is wife and mother to someone.Alexandra Steele is an Atlanta-based meteorologist born in the United States in 1969.