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I was wearing a black t shirt and just the walk from the house to the car I was sweating.

I took my shirt off and threw it on the back seat in the car. "Honey you know the air conditioner doesn't work in my car." She replied. I couldn't believe how good my mom's legs looked while she drove.

Foggy Nelson is currently played by Elden Henson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first as a main character in Daredevil, and later as a recurring character in The Defenders.

Foggy Nelson first appeared in Daredevil #1 (April 1964), and was created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett.

My mom was already in the car outside so I grabbed my sunglasses and headed out the door.

It was already noon time and it was so hot outside already.

For the first couple years of Daredevil, Foggy's appearance greatly varied from issue to issue, though he was most commonly drawn as a trim, handsome, and neatly groomed young man.

Since his first portrayal by Gene Colan, in Daredevil #20, he has consistently been drawn as a short, slightly pudgy man with a generally relaxed appearance.I was surprised when I opened the passenger door to see my mom was going to drive in a bikini. I couldn't help but keep looking from the corner of my eye.As we drove through town one of the streets up ahead was being worked on.In some ways, yes -- the performances are certainly better, the dialogue sharper, the stakes higher, and the 3D presentation more satisfying -- in other ways, no. Ten years since Perseus declined the throne, rejected Zeus' invitation to Olympus, and made the decision to live a secluded life as a fisherman, raising his young son Helius (John Bell) away from the world of gods and monsters.Despite its grander scale, the sequel's story and settings somehow feel smaller, its 3D is still derived from a post-converted source, its creatures and monsters aren't nearly as compelling or frightening (save one, the Chimera), and its battles, showdowns and clashes are straight out of a videogame. Perseus is forced out of retirement, though, when Hades (Ralph Fiennes) strikes a deal with Ares (Edgar Ramirez), captures his brother Zeus (a softer, gentler Liam Neeson), and sets out to free their father, the titan Kronos.Despite being a highly successful lawyer, he is also tormented by feelings of inferiority to his law partner.