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No, I'm not talking about Santa Claus, I'm talking about chefs.

, James said: 'At an awards ceremony in Dubai last year, a bloke on the stage dropped dead, eight feet away from me.'He was my age, and had a similar job.'At that moment, I decided my career had to change.'He added: 'I had just two days off last year and my schedule was getting tough.'Shaken up by the events, the culinary whizz has since made huge steps in his career, but up until now his love life has taken a bit of a back seat.

Rumour has it that the chef has a new love in his life, but won't reveal her identity.

Oh, and Shauna has celiac, an autoimmune disorder that means her body reads gluten as a toxin. But I’m much more interested in living joyfully with this than in deprivation. We have a guide to gluten-free baking that should save you a lot of time. We just want you to taste how delicious gluten-free can be.

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He'll come home with presents for kids and their hearts will melt for their daddy.

Meanwhile in the real world I'm buried in laundry, punching my time card teaching first grade, and running this circus all on my own.

He's quit his long-standing TV show Saturday Kitchen, after a long 10-year stint, guest presented This Morning, he's rumoured to be next in line to present Top Gear, and now – according to sources – he's apparently back on the dating scene.

The celebrity TV chef has historically kept his love life away from the prying eyes of the media, but after witnessing a death at an awards ceremony in Dubai last year, he's admitted he's ready to make big changes in his life, including getting back on the dating scene.

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