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She knows this, so she of course will not let you check her messages.The thing is, was she actually cheating on you before, or did you assume she was cheating based on her messages?

It's normal for people to flirt, and especially so for people who are just dating and finding out what they do and don't like about other people.You can use the My Spy app we linked earlier in this Q&A, which will let you have a free 7 day trial if you chat with them before setting up your account.I use both for phone numbers and Google Voice for SMS.One thing to be aware off is some services block short code SMS and until recently, Google Voice was one of those services.In addition, Google Voice does not receive some verification calls (I need to log into a VPN via a phone call for my work); as such, I use Skype for this call.

Thankfully most of my friends and family use i OS, so I can use i Message.

Our software’s functionality is virtually unlimited and includes the following features.

Now you can find out where your target user is at any exact moment with the help of a GPS tracker in their device.

Visit our article on how to Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone for more details on the things you need to consider before installing a spy phone app. Honestly, people who cheat are like people who collect cars, candles, little statues, or anything else.

See more questions like this: I was wondering how do I spy on my girlfriend's Skype My girlfriend of 5 years has my I phone4 and went to her home town for the holiday. When they do it once, they will eventually do it again.

It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough and you need to resort to other methods in an attempt to make sure your wife is completely honest and faithful.