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So, I have been praying for Gregg’s work for several months now.

If you haven’t already done so, read chapter 2 and consider the following discussion questions.

And when my first baby arrived in June 2008, staying at home was not a choice.

My husband was in seminary at the time, and I was supporting our family.

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Use double quotes around words to match the exact word or phrase (thus preventing stemming). ” , “If you can read only one book, this is the book!They are all over the world and they are ready to help you!In the almost 8 years we have been married, the Gregg has been gone for military duty or working as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan for 4 total years of it. When you couple that with working out of town on his civilian job 40 weeks a year, that’s a lot of time away from his family.Consequently, he and I have prayed about it and talked about it extensively, and have determined that our desire is for him to have a nine to five job, even if that means relocating.By working together toward financial freedom, money can cease being a source of conflict and become a way to express our highest values, while providing comfort and security to those we love most.