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Despite their full costumes restricting movement and proving to be a distraction, sparks fly between Iron Man and Robin.

Bonding over their addiction to obscure video games, they are a perfect love match.

Second, what I know is this: trumpets think they're all that. While there were moments that the nostalgia of being in band was accurately played up, I couldn't get past her self-centered, whiny voice. She's narcissistic and arrogant, to put it bluntly, but I still enjoyed her character.

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“I got an e-mail back asking, ‘How does speed dating work? The day I met him, he was wearing an Indiana Jones costume rigged to play the movie theme song when he walked.He doesn’t think he’s the fastest Walmart assembler in the world, but admits that in 25 years he’s gotten pretty good. In the craft economy of costuming, his specialty is fabricating armor.Percussionists have ADD and get bored pretty easily. My problem was just that the "twists" weren't "twisty" enough, and I think that much better things could have been done with them.But I did read this book very quickly because it held my interest and it was actually pretty cute. I rate If you were a band geek, you either WERE Ellie Snow, or you knew Ellie Snow.She's a fierce section leader now, and so over the heart-crushing social disaster of her freshman year. Breaking formation and revealing her true self would be like . Percussionists have ADD and get bored pretty easily. Okay, so my main beef with this is that the book should just be called TRUMPET SECTION LOVE because no other instruments get a spotlight. This book could have been such a great love letter to band geeks and instead featured a protagonist who made me want to throw the book at the wall.

No boy is going to ruin Ellie's shining moment-her senior solo performance at the homecoming game. Not even Ellie can resist the trumpet player who could be a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. But Ellie's not ready to publicize their romance, not even to her best friends. And trombones are the backbone o Let me tell you a few things about Band. I played trombone (mediocre-ly) from 4th-12th grade, so I know a thing or two about band. Ellie's inability to think about anyone but herself made the book a difficult read. If you were a band geek, you either WERE Ellie Snow, or you knew Ellie Snow.He first tried speed dating five years ago, at Atlanta’s Dragon Con. He estimates he is the third or fourth fastest assembler of bicycles in the Walmart corporation.“It was like twenty guys and five girls,” he recalls. Later that year, he emailed the organizers of Stars Wars Celebration V to suggest they try speed dating. He says his friend and speed-dating collaborator Jeff Hubbard is the best assembler in the world. Hubbard has been assisting Sci-Fi Speed-Dating setup and ticket sales since the beginning.Lamenting the tyranny of football at his high school, he offers to show me his Pokall, but a Jedi knight with spiked hair yells, “Time’s up! Weekend Jedi warrior Ryan Glitch is the 27-year-old owner of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, which in three years has organized hundreds of speed-dating events at dozens of super-fan conventions.Glitch’s sessions have resulted in five marriages, two babies, nineteen engagements, “and over a hundred couples dating seriously,” he tells me at one of New York Comic-Con’s eight Sci-Fi Speed Dating sessions. It’s not hard to find people with similar interests in the time of Facebook, Twitter and the wildly popular Comic Con.