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Allow that I beg a man rate me Look, I can't be the youngest in charge and be out here beefing these babies Look, .44, Glock 9 where?Man, just cool with your gas gun You know man's ready for the breakkie So please don't gwaan like a madman Look, meanwhile phone up Fizzy, "yo big bro, I got a santan" Look, holla at shower man Rich got a hally on the side He can bang that Cah man pick up, pick up that grub and I move that weight Man stick up, stick up that plug, put the broom to his face Every ting fuck up, fuck up Dont play, man will shoot man's brain The road get bun up, bun up when Fiddy and Fizz in the way Cah man go mad, man go mad in the trap Man do road on my bros, man don't lie Man do road in my rams Had a man doin' 10 toes Man stop rap, man stop rap with the gang Now I got a room full of hoes, now I'm goin' mad Now I'm goin' mad in the trap Fiddy gotta move these O's, wow Look, check the score, check the textbook While you was in the crib with Westwood I was on the roads with the bros with the big ting Kickin' down doors for the best budge Look, man are screaming K-this, K-dat, K-dat All now something ain't dead Look, how can you say that I'm new to this shit when the last yute I bucked, he bled?

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Filippino police recently busted a paedophile ring that streamed live sex involving children as young as six, the report said.Police rescued 15 victims aged between six and 15, and arrested 29 people including gang members and people who allegedly paid to watch the abuse in 13 countries.Criminal gangs recruit disadvantaged children or their own children for the abuse.“These persons offer homeless children or children from their own family for the sexual abuse by individuals, live in front of a camera, in the European Union or developing countries, for financial gain,” the report said.Look, this is Tottenham, fam 'Round here we don't fight with no wotless gyal When I bop through the dance, don't watch man, fam Tottenham 17, yea, you know my gang Sho, yea, huh Look, gotta get it right now Tryna lose these pounds Then gain that again, my connect from south Young change for an ounce That green pack loud, I've been up from morning Look, no time for yawning Cah the lizzy be calling, trap ting boring But it's OK cause the money keeps falling Dodge these drakes Through the cold and the rain, grind hard That's the rules of the game, I don't care about fame I'm not your bae, you just give ucky, I still don't rate Get the fuck out of my face This road ting rage Youts get slain, knifework cray My G's don't play Man's felt bare pain, don't tell me 'bout age I've seen grown man get paged My bro, you relate that?

Beenie told me, we stay I swear down on Vince all day Look, and that's trouble if I come through Take that lappy if I want to On me, on who?“Criminals that sexually exploit children online are becoming more entrepreneurial with technological developments and are profiting financially,” Europol said in a special report on commercial sexual exploitation of children online.Compiled by Europol’s EC3 cybercrime centre, together with Eurojust, NGOs, credit card and online giants such as Google and Microsoft, the report paints a disturbing picture of rising online child abuse.Hai (traditional Chinese: ; Jyutping: hai1) is a common vulgar word that literally means vagina. 屄 is more common on the mainland of China, with 閪 being used in Hong Kong and Macao.places are less conducive to erotic optimism than the packed waiting room of a public health clinic in Brooklyn. Though she had spent the ensuing months hooking up with various acquaintances, her hopes were set on long-term monogamy.Influenced by that decade’s liberties, and chastened by its excesses, they encouraged her to think of youthful sexual experimentation as a healthy prelude to a coupled life. For young, straight, well-educated American women, sleeping around for pleasure and experience has become a social convention, the way dancing the cotillion at a débutante ball once was. Following her visit to the clinic, she fantasized about giving herself over to “the project of wifeliness,” as she saw many of her peers doing, indulging in the sort of triumphal social-media posts—engagement photos, wedding photos, baby photos—that advertise the twenty-first-century life cycle of young couples.