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The first time I came across the term sexting was back in 2010.Vernon Kay had been exposed by a Sunday tabloid for sending sexts to page 3 models behind wife Tess Daly’s back.I met Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel a few years ago in an interaction that went from polite to extremely awkward within a matter of minutes. " Spiegel said as his eyes grew and his facial expression morphed into a look of obvious irritation.

It was described then, in Cosmo, as sending racy messages; like phone-sex but over text.I remember thinking it hilarious at the age of 18, “why are grown-up’s writing out ‘sexts’ when they could just send nudes!?If someone's trying to get you to send them naked images of yourself, use the images on Zipit to keep the situation in control.Zipit helps you get flirty chat back on the right track.He covers Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, tech diversity, virtual reality, and other aspects of technology and entrepreneurship.

Previously, Rodriguez was the Silicon Valley correspondent for the International Business Times; before that, he was the lead tech blogger and gadget reviewer for the .

(Years later, his sentence was overturned on appeal, and he was released on parole.) New ground has recently been broken in the incarceration of American teens, however.

Several children have been charged as adults for possessing child pornography — .

It was a gathering of who's who in tech and celebrity circles, with Mark Cuban and Morgan Spurlock also in attendance, and yet Spiegel and his Snapchat crew were the biggest stars there. Snapchat had finally broken through to the mainstream and was on a clear path to be the next great app. An angry Spiegel thoroughly explained to me how wrong I was and how small a portion of Snapchat's activity was derived from sexting.

So when I was offered an introduction to Spiegel that night I immediately said yes. Now, three years later, Spiegel has apparently softened, at least a bit.

But that is clearly not the case for one 17-year-old boy in North Carolina (I won't repeat the name).