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Did you coin the term “bro-job” or did it emerge from comment boards on the internet? I do describe in the book what could arguably be called “bro-jobs,” but I never once use that word.

So later, it’s sort of like a game of telephone, four blogs down the line I’m reading stuff that says “Jane Ward has written an entire book about ‘bro-jobs’.” I just had to laugh. OK, so if it’s not “an entire book about ‘bro-jobs’,” what is it about?

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If you see an "&" instead of a # before a channel name it means the channel is not shared by all IRC servers on the Net but only locally on that particular server.

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But it has a good side too - no one can identify your race and age - it’s just people chatting with no prejudice about appearance.

Return to top You can join a number of chat groups at once (some IRC clients do not support this feature).

: I have to say I’m delighted, but I’m also surprised. I’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from bi-identified people.

I was not expecting so many people to be interested. And of all these people — I’d say, 95 percent — have not actually read the book yet, so that’s interesting.But also I worried for the gay men who would be like “Oh, of course I’m going to buy and think it’s going to be something more pornographic than it is. Well, there’s been a lot of interest in the past 10 or 15 years in the broader culture on the subject of sexual fluidity, but the attention has focused almost exclusively on women.You know, girls who hookup or make out with girls at parties or at the club or whatever for the attention of straight male onlookers.One day he commented on her constant sex hunger and mentioned her she should start doing porn.Before she entered adult entertainment business (2013), Ariane Marie did some webcam stuff without anyone knowing about it.In high school she had three serious relationships and she was always craving for sex.